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Hair Colouring

From subtle changes that enhance natural shades or cover the first hints of grey, to dramatic statements or wild punk streaks, a hair color specialist gives their clients the confidence of great color.

Hair coloring is a complex and skilled job requiring creativity and knowledge, and may offer more creative possibilities than hair cutting. A change in hair color can accentuate the eyes and skin, and transform a cut with texture and volume, as well as make an impact with a bold shade.

A colorist has an extensive knowledge of the technicalities of hair color, depth and tone, and works with a range of techniques including permanent, semi-permanent and highlighting. They discuss with their clients what will suit them, and work with hair stylists to create a cut and color that compliment each other.

This isn’t just choosing a color from a bottle – a hair colorist must take into account a client’s hair type and style and any previous treatments. A good colorist may also need to fix hair color problems, correcting mistakes from a subtle shade mismatch to removing a color. A colorist also has responsibility for client health and safety, carrying out skin tests and ensuring the safe use of products.

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